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Our mission with blueplant? Finally giving interior greening more time for crucial matters. Through automated processes and real-time digital communication, we empower businesses to focus on strategic tasks and expand beyond mere maintenance activities.

Since 2021, we have been working closely with the green industry to develop a solution that aims to help interior landscapers worldwide position themselves optimally for the future. Since then, we regularly implement new features, optimizations, and innovations based on feedback and requests from our long-term customers.

About ourselves, we say that we can offer a suitable solution for every market-compliant need. Therefore, we are very much looking forward to supporting your company in digitizing interior greening.

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Our Story

blueplant was introduced in 2021 as a product by KMH GmbH and continues to be developed and supported there. With support from the green industry, we have succeeded in developing the cloud-based software blueplant to market readiness and will soon establish it in the market. Driven by the success of blueplant and as part of a restructuring, the blueplant GmbH, a separate company, was founded in 2023. As a 100% subsidiary, blueplant GmbH is part of the provecto corporate group, which has over 250 employees in Germany.

In our offices in the south of Cologne, we continue to work on the future of interior greening. Our creative minds implement both our own ideas and the market-compliant requirements of our customers, ensuring that we will continue to grow.

About Us - Our offices in Cologne - Loft 14
About Us - Our offices in Cologne - Loft 15
About Us - Our offices in Cologne - Atelier 24

Would you like to learn more about us and our history? Feel free to contact us, and we will schedule a meeting together.


Our Management

About Us - Batjamin Löbbecke
Batjamin Löbbecke

Managing Director

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Christoph Wendelken

Managing Director