Simple & Flexible Pricing Structure

Your budget matters to us. For this reason, our pricing is straightforward and tailored to each user on a daily basis. Moreover, it offers you a high degree of flexibility when adding new users and when deactivating existing users. User-based billing means you always have complete control over your costs. Users who are no longer needed can be deactivated at any time. Billing is monthly.

Can be terminated at any time


Euro (excl. VAT)
per employee / month

  • Unlimited number of clients and locations
  • Unlimited number of plants and products
  • Unlimited number of scheduled appointments
  • Smartphone app for iOS & Android
  • Support

Roll-out support provided

To make the transition to blueplant as smooth and easy as possible, we provide individual support options on setting up data, training and assistance with initial operations as part of the roll-out process. We will be happy to discuss these options with you in a non-binding consultation.

Your direct contact

We will be happy to support you. If you have any questions, we look forward to hearing from you. Arrange a telephone appointment for your inquiry.

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Frequently asked questions

Is there a free trial period?

Yes, there is the option to test a full version of blueplant free of charge for 30 days. Within this period of one month, the test phase can be terminated at any time and no costs will be incurred. Get in contact and we’ll discuss everything with you.

At the end of the trial period, what happens?

During the trial phase, you have the option to enter your payment information in the administration area at any time. This will not affect the trial period, and no charges will be made.

After the 30-day trial period, your account will be deactivated if no payment information has been provided. However, your data will not be immediately deleted. After we have received your payment information, the account can be fully utilized again.

What payment options are available?

SEPA direct debit or credit card are available as payment methods. Payment by invoice is not possible.

Which staff members are chargeable via the app?

All users created in blueplant are charged at €69 per month, regardless of their role. This includes caregivers as well as planning staff or administrators, for example.

What happens if the number of users changes?

Users can be added or removed at any time. Any additions or removals are recorded to the day and deducted from or added to the next billing statement.