All Features at a Glance

Here, you will receive a comprehensive overview of the diverse features of blueplant. We show you all the available options of blueplant so that you can quickly and easily discover how the blueplant features meet your requirements. From customer and location management to digital performance report delivery – developed for the interior greening.


Clients and locations

All client and location information are stored centrally. Management of client contacts and contract details. Management of contact persons and contract data.


Visits and routes

Smart assistance in demand-based planning of visits and routes including journey times, resources and plannable working times. Travel times, resources, and scheduled work hours.


Mobile working

Visits and tasks are always accessible via a smartphone app. Documenting plant care and communicating with colleagues. Documentation of care results and communication with colleagues.


Documentation and analysis

Running lists and plant location information at the client site, update instantly, take photos and never overlook a plant again.

The blueplant features finally digitize all processes of interior greening – for less effort, more transparency, and improved cost-effectiveness.

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Management of all customers, plants, and contracts.

With blueplant, you can manage your entire portfolio at a glance: customers, contracts, and all rented plants and related services.

Enter all clients in the customer overview and add the relevant locations as well as products to be serviced. You can then keep track of key parameters at all times.

One click takes you to a centralised client file. Here, all additional information is collected, such as the assigned caregiver, upcoming appointments, contact persons, and all associated contracts. Key information is then accessible at any time.

Finally Task lists for the relevant locations can also be viewed, planned and updated. This makes the onboarding of new employees especially smooth.

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Faster and smarter planning of visits and routes

blueplant assists in the planning and creation of your care appointments. Travel times, amount of care and staff availability are combined to create the optimal visit plan.

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In the planning calendar, all customer appointments will be displayed with the agreed-upon calendar week. These appointments can be assigned to a caregiver and receive a time slot in the calendar corresponding to the number of plants.

During planning, journey times calculated from the selected proposed visit to all planned visits are instantly displayed. It is then easy to find the ideal time slots with short driving distances. It is also possible to enter different addresses for employees who start from home.

Through the work schedule view, all available time slots for the employees can be defined, and absences such as vacation and illness can be recorded for consideration in the planning.

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Never forget a task or plant during a visit

The blueplant package includes an app for recording results at the customer’s location. Task lists and recording both healthy and problematic plants ensure ideal on-site documentation.

Pflanzenpflege mobil mit unserer blueplant App

All appointments in the app that were previously scheduled in the desktop version will appear on the respective caregivers’ smartphones. Here, all addresses, estimated travel times, and phone numbers of the contact persons are stored.

The caregiver will find a separate checklist for each customer’s location and can easily access the plants by scanning a QR code. Water levels, care status and other special features can then be documented for each plant.

Through the appointment closure, the care can be confirmed on-site by the customers using a digital signature. If plant care is forgotten, the caregiver must confirm an appointment closure before the appointment can be completed.


Transparent processes

blueplant records times of all completed visits. This allows you to identify untapped potentials that can take your company to the next level.

Any visit can be viewed in the appointment detail view. It gives internal company processes more transparency than ever before. Actual visit durations and documentation per plant are shown here. Any issues as well as current trends can then be identified at an early stage.

A product history gives direct access to all information recorded about an individual product including photos, notes, tasks and plant care information. As a result, each product is traceable throughout its entire lifecycle and can be directly reviewed in case of customer complaints.

To provide your customers with a digital proof of a completed appointment, you can use the integrated performance report delivery through the performance reports. You can configure this according to your preferences.

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Roll-out support provided

To make the transition to blueplant as smooth and easy as possible, we provide individual support options on setting up data, training and assistance with initial operations as part of the roll-out process. We will be happy to discuss these options with you in a non-binding consultation.

Your direct contact

We will be happy to support you. If you have any questions, we look forward to hearing from you. Arrange a telephone appointment for your inquiry.

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Frequently asked questions

Is there a free trial period?

Yes, there is the option to test a full version of blueplant free of charge for 30 days. Within this period of one month, the test phase can be terminated at any time and no costs will be incurred. Feel free to contact us, and we will discuss everything further with you.

At the end of the trial period, what happens?

During the trial phase, you have the option to enter your payment information in the administration area at any time. This will not affect the trial period, and no charges will be made.

After the 30-day trial period, your account will be deactivated if no payment information has been provided. However, your data will not be immediately deleted. After we have received your payment information, the account can be fully utilized again.

What payment options are available?

SEPA direct debit or credit card are available as payment methods. Payment by invoice is not possible.

All employees using the application will be charged for.

All users created in blueplant are charged at €69 per month, regardless of their role. This includes caregivers as well as planning staff or administrators, for example.

What happens if the number of my users changes?

Users can be added or deactivated at any time. Any additions or removals are recorded to the day and deducted from or added to the next billing statement.